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Magicka Necromancer Stage 4 Vampire Ultimate Group Support

Magicka Necromancer Stage 4 Vampire PvE group support build.  The Best of Both. 

This build is all about keeping simmering active for as long as possible while healing your team and out putting a tonne of damage.


Activate simmering frenzy and apply hots spirit guardian and or radiating regen. Front bar swap for damage rotation. 

When needed back bar swap for heals and shield. Be aware that back bar simmering frenzy will cost more than front bar so make sure you swap quickly after you apply heals and shield

Shield will increase you healing output and received for 6 seconds with Naga Shaman kit and should be used once simmering starts taking a beating on your health. 

Use exhilarating drain to fill your ultimate bar. 

You should aim is to build ultimate as quick as possible as swarming scion will increase uptime of simmering frenzy longer as well as increase damage and healing output. 


Elder Scrolls  Online Screenshot 2020.11
Elder Scrolls  Online Screenshot 2021.01

The longer you have simmering frenzy active the more health it will use up per tick. There will be a point your health pool won’t be able to sustain the ability and it will turn off. Just watch out for stun mechanics and be aware that when your ultimate deactivates you will be stunned and vulnerable. If you have simmering still active you at this point you will be double exposed so either make sure your shield is up or you have reset it. I tend to turn off and turn back on right away the ability depending on my magicka reserves. Exhilarating drain is a huge heal at low health and a great emergency heal. It’s also fairly cheap as your stage 4 vamp. 

There’s plenty of flexibility with this build. As long as you’ve got self healing for the uptime of simmering you really can build anything on the front bar. 

You can check the video guide here

Attributes 64 Magicka 0 Health 0 Stamina

Mundus Stone Choices:

The Apprentice Increases Spell Damage by 238

The Atronach Increases Magicka recovery by 310

Food Cyrodilic Field Treat from PvP Vendors

Gear Sets

Vampire Lord's.jpg
Naga Shaman.jpg
pale order.jpg
Valkyn Skoira.jpg

Vampire Lord's Set

When it comes to keeping the uptime of simmering frenzy, having the Vampire Lord's is a go to. It will also reduce the cost of all your vampire abilities by a further 20% so everything which is great. The down sides of stage 4 is negated with the self heal you'll be getting from the Ring of the Pale order

The 2, 3 and 4 bonuses are a good all rounder too

Have 2 slots on the front bar weapon and 3 others share either in jewelry or armour

Naga Shaman

The Naga Shaman is a craftable set and I would recommend light. It is a decent back bar set as the 5 set bonus will remain activated when you switch to the front bar. 

The 2 3 and 4 set bonus all work nicely with the build. This is our defensive set and it also helps us to cast some huge heals on our group. When full activated you're out putting 12% extra healing to your group as well as receiveing an extra 12% which is massive when you're relying on those big heals to keep you alive.

An alternative is to run The Clever Alchemist Set.

The Ring of the Pale Order

This really is an overpowered ring when it comes to solo content. In group content it's not so desireable as you can't be healed unless you are the one doing the healing.

For this build it works more than fine as we're taking that healing slot up. Keep an eye on you health bar when simmering frenzy is active and make sure to toggle it and you should be fine.

Valkyn Skoria

I've chosen Valkyn Skoria as it adds a spell penetration and a deecnt AOE attack which all helps to the self heal.

It's not essential to the build and you could switch this to your suit your playstyle.

Active Skills

Front Bar

Arterial Burst.png
Mystic Siphon.png
Inner Light.png
Avid Boneyard.png
Swarming scion.png

Degeneration Decent dot, major sorcery buff and also mages guild passives. You could switch with exhilarating drain if you wanted a cheaper heal and ult gen on the front bar.

Arterial Burst.png

Arterial Burst, Very cheap single target spammable. Will one shot adds when simmering is on the end of its uptime and your under 50% hp

Mystic Siphon.png

Mystic siphon +3% damage passive active, magicka regen and aoe damage 

Inner Light.png

Mage light Crit passive and magicka bonus.

Avid Boneyard.png

Avid boneyard, Resistant reduction, aoe damage and synergy.

Swarming scion.png

Swarming scion, You get huge sustain and massive damage with this ultimate. Great for an on shit button too. 

Back Bar

Spirit Guardian.png
Exhilarating Drain.png
Radiating Regeneration.png
Simmering Frenzy.png
Harness Magicka.png
Animate Blastbones.png
Spirit Guardian.png

Spirit Guardian, 10% damage reduction and a 16 sec heal over time. Uptime all the time

Exhilarating Drain.png

Exhilarating drain

Ult builder and top up heal if you’re close to ultimate and simmering is hurting. 

Radiating Regeneration.png

Heal your team and soak up the cost of simmering frenzy. Scales with the spell damage increase from simmering so hots are greater than single target heals. 

Simmering Frenzy.png

Simmering Frenzy 

The focus of the build. Vampire lord set reduces the starting cost to the 1100’s. Turn it on before combat and build to start fights with big damage. Turn on and turn off to reset the cost when it gets too high

Harness Magicka.png

Harness magic, A better option the dampen magic as it offers magicka recovery. Can be used as an oh shit button but also into increase the healing output of needed. 

Animate Blastbones.png

Res your allies with a banfAnimated Blast bones for AoE res and huge damage! kaboom!

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