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Stamina Sorcerer Stage 4 Vampire PvE. (Easy Gear)

Stamina Sorcerer Stage 4 Vampire PvE. THE BLOOD FRENZY

Finally we've broken in to Stamina Vampire. I honestly didn't think it was possible but it very much is thanks to the dual wielding skill line we can make this happen. 

Just a heads up my PVE builds always focus around using Simmering Frenzy unless stated. This is because imo it is an extremely strong Vampire skill that allows you to stack weapon or spell damage provided you can replenish the ever increasing health cost. I've reach 14k spell damage on this build but I'm sure more can be obtained. Peak dps is about 150k but I've averaged out about 75k. For me that's decent. My light attack weave is shocking so I'm expecting some big numbers from the pros on this.

To make this build simple I've chosen the Sorcerer as the class passives are very suited for vampire but also the slottable skill passives are also extremely strong. I've also gone with a really simple rotation to reduced the key presses.

Elder Scrolls  Online Screenshot 2020.12

You should always have your buffs up, Simmering Frenzy, Critical Surge, Hurricane and your Twilight Tormentor rotate Endless hail on the back bar with Bloodthirst and Barbed Trap on the front bar. Bloodthirst is your main spammable and this is the skill that will keep you alive while you have Simmering Frenzy on. I've made Swarming Scion but ultimate of choice as it helps reach the higher end numbers of Simmering Frenzy but you may get better results with the Greater Storm Atronach.

This build is not optimal but the gear I've chosen is easy to obtain. Finally I want to say a big thanks to Asti for testing this build with me.

You can check the video guide here 

Attributes 0 Magicka 0 Health 74 Stamina

Mundus Stone Choices:

The Shadow Crit Damage & Healing

Food Dubious Camoran Throne

Gear Sets

deadly strike.jpg

Deadly Strike
Type: PvP
Location: Cyrodiil, PvP Vendor Bruma Town

Deadly Strike is a great medium set to boost a huge amount of your damage. It only effects the damage over time and channel abilities but that is still a huge amount of your damage. It's an easy set to obtain from Cyrodiil or from Guild vendors.

Full Divines

Tzogine's Warband.jpg

 Tzogvin's Warband
Type: Dungeon
Location: Frostvault
Requires DLC: Wrathstone

We need a crit set to raise the damage through the roof so I've gone for Tzogvin's If you're struggling to get it Leviathans is an easier but lesser set. You get minor force from Spiked Bear Trap so this allows you to be inter changable 

Thunderous Volley.jpg

Name: Perfected Thunderous Volley
Type: Arena
Location: Maelstrom Arena [vet]
Requires DLC: Orsinium

This adds extra damage to the Volley and it is an easy attack that can be weapon swap cancelled. You should be able to farm the normal version

Name: Slimecraw
Type: Monster Set
Location: Wayrest Sewers I, Maj

There's a bit of duplication on this set with the Minor Berserk and Camouflaged Hunter so it's inter changeable but the crit on the set is optimal. 

Active Skills

Front Bar

Barbed Trap.png
Camouflaged Hunter.png
Bound Armaments.png
Summon Twilight Tormentor.png
Flawless Dawnbreaker.png

Bloodthist is your spammable and your life blood. It will keep you alive. Learn to lightweave with this skill and you'll be alive for days!

Flood an enemy with steel, battering them with five consecutive attacks that each deal 438 Physical Damage. The final hit deals 300% more damage and heals you for 63% of the damage caused.

Barbed Trap.png

Keep up Barbed Wold for Minor Force on rotation.

Set a sharpened blade trap at your location, which takes 1.5 seconds to arm and lasts for 1 minute When triggered, the trap deals 1528 Physical Damage, an additional 3660 Physical Damage over 18 seconds, and grants you Minor Force, increasing your Critical Damage by 10% for the duration. Enemies who activate the trap are immobilized for 2 seconds.

Camouflaged Hunter.png

Camouflaged Hunter is slotted for the passives you get. You wont need to bring in to the rotation.

Invoke your expertise in anatomy and enemy behavior to detect stealthed and invisible enemies around you for 5 seconds. Exposed enemies cannot return to stealth or invisibility for 3 seconds. While slotted you gain Major Savagery, increasing your Weapon Critical rating by 2629. You also gain Minor Berserk for 5 seconds after you deal Critical Damage from an enemy's flank, increasing your damage done by 5% .

Bound Armaments.png

Mainly for the passives but you can bring Bound Armaments into your rotation.

Arm yourself with the power of Oblivion for 40 seconds, causing your Light and Heavy Attacks to summon a Bound weapon for 10 seconds, up to 4 times. You can reactivate the ability for half cost to arm the weapons, causing them to strike your target for 1278 Physical Damage every 0.3 seconds. While slotted, your Maximum Stamina is increased by 8% and your Light Attacks deal 10% more damage.

Summon Twilight Tormentor.png

Activate Twilight Tormentor and leave. Call on Azura to send a twilight tormentor to fight at your side. The twilight tormentor's zaps deal 718 Shock Damage and its kicks deal 718 Shock Damage. Once summoned, you can activate the twilight tormentor's special ability for 2970 Magicka, causing it to deal 53% more damage to enemies above 50% Health for 15 seconds. The twilight tormentor remains until killed or unsummoned.

Flawless Dawnbreaker.png

Leave in for the Fighter's guild passives. Arm yourself with Meridia's sacred sword and dispense her retribution, dealing 3821 Physical Damage to enemies in front of you and an additional 4584 Physical Damage over 6 seconds. After activating, your Weapon Damage is increased by 300 for 20 seconds.

Back Bar

Endless Hail.png
Critical Surge.png
Simmering Frenzy.png
Summon Twilight Tormentor.png
Swarming scion.png
Endless Hail.png

Endless Hail. Rotate this for continuous damage and weapon enchantment proc. Launch a multitude of arrows into the sky to rain down, dealing 508 Physical Damage to enemies in the target area every 1 second for 12 seconds, after a 2 second delay.


Hurricane. Manifest yourself as pure air, buffeting nearby enemies with wind dealing 315 Physical Damage every 1 second for 15 seconds. The winds grow in damage and size, increasing up to 150% more damage and up to 9 meters in size. While in this form you gain Major Resolve and Minor Expedition, increasing your Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance by 5948 and your Movement Speed by 15%.

Critical Surge.png

Critical Surge is your Major Sorcerery buff as well as 3k heal on crit. While at full simmering 3k heals is not much it's not to be sniffed at.

Invoke Meridia's name to gain Major Brutality and Sorcery, increasing your Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 20% for 33 seconds. While active, dealing Critical Damage heals you for 3300 Health. This effect can occur once every 1 second.

Simmering Frenzy.png

Simmering Frenzy. The focus of the build. Just make sure you turn it off when stunned or before you come out of scion. As you'll be very weak At full charge it's costing 20k health plus.


Allow your monstrous appetites to take hold, increasing your Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 660. While toggled on, the Health cost of this ability increases by 20% and Weapon Damage and Spell Damage bonus increases by 10% every second. You also cannot be healed by anyone other than yourself.

Summon Twilight Tormentor.png

Call on Azura to send a twilight tormentor to fight at your side. The twilight tormentor's zaps deal 718 Shock Damage and its kicks deal 718 Shock Damage. Once summoned, you can activate the twilight tormentor's special ability for 2970 Magicka, causing it to deal 53% more damage to enemies above 50% Health for 15 seconds. The twilight tormentor remains until killed or unsummoned.

Swarming scion.png

Swarming Scion is your aoe damage and sustain while you in the later stages of simmering frenzy. Be a boss and activate it all the time.

Champion Passives


Deadly Aim.jpg
Reaving blows.jpg


Bloody Renewal.jpg
Boundless Vitality.jpg

Craft n/a

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