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PC Update - i9 14900k stability in New World

Hey all I want to give you an update on my stabliilty in new world. So at the end of the last post I was going to underclock my 4090 RTX GPU while running the i914900k at stock to try and reduce the power spikes and see if that stabilizes the game. My new PSU the Corsair HXi Series HX1500i has also arrive but I've yet to install it.

So the results so far is extremely postitive. So I made 2 changes to the system. Firstly on the GPU software from Zotac, the Firestorm app I reduced the power to 80%. Secondly I installed Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) and ran the optimised setting. After doing both these settings I limited the frames in New World via the Nvidia Control panel to 170fps as my monitor only runs at 165hz.

Loading up the game my frames sits at the cap on 170fps, when I play OPR it drops to about 100fps and in open world Rush it when to 60fps in very busy times. However despite the drop in frames in PVP I can safely say that the stabliity of the game was 100% I had no crashes at all.

I also fired up the stream as I wanted to test the game play whilst uploading which I do on the Nvidia encoder. Throughout the entire evening I had no crashes at all. Great success. I ran a second stream last night and added the geforce replay capture whilst streaming too and there was no crashing. So I can safely say that I am now at a stable point.

My next process will be to turn back the power to the GPU and then possibly overclock the CPU. I've also got the new PSU I want to install but I'm considering leave until I've found the issues with the current build as I belive the voltage and power cap on the current one is the issue.

I'll report back but for now I can safely say, I'll see you in the next stream.

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