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New World: Lifetaker/Bow Tank TheoryCrafting Stream/Video

I'm going down the theorycrafting live stream rabbit hole tonight with the Void Gauntlet/Bow heavy PvP Dex build. Link Here . I'll be using the Artifact Void Gauntlet Lifetaker with a DoT Bow in heavy armor with the aim to look at the heavy artifact armor available.

The purpose of this build is that I've been extremely squishy in PvP to the point that in the open world, as soon as I'm hit or focused, I'm utterly destroyed. I'm much aware that my current loadout, which is light, is very much unoptimized. I need gems and those shalking heals, etc. I'm feeling more like cannon fodder than a ranged nuisance.

So here's the plan:

  • Switch my light armor for heavy so that I'm able to take the hits. I'll also be looking for a heavy artifact piece to complement this. The Magnetic Gauntlet looks like it could work with increases crit chance to 50% at the cost of crit damage, which is reduced by 50%.

  • Weapon-wise, I'm using the recently picked up Void Gauntlet artifact, which scales with Dex. I'll be keeping my favorite weapon, the bow. There's some serious satisfaction of hitting a headshot with an arrow dropping on its trajectory. I will, though, be using my bow on the back bar to apply dots with the poison cloud, rain of arrows, and explosive arrow.

  • The void gauntlet will be my main weapon, and for this, I'll be considering the void blade, orby of decay, and essence rupture with the Voidcaller top passive.

  • Stats: I'll be focusing on crit chance for the health on attack from the Void Gauntlet passives and abilities. I plan on hitting 350 Dex and 150 Con, which I can adjust if I'm too squishy. Hopefully, though, the heavy armor will counter the need to spec too high into Con.

I'm still leveling my Void Gauntlet and I've got a fair amount of gear to collect, but I'll be doing all this on the streams.

Feel free to join in. I play on Castle of Steel NA East. See you on stream.

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