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Lag and frame drops on Twitch stream :(

I've been going back over my previous streams and holy hell the lag is bad. I know I'm on starlink but the bandwidth connection is showing fine so I know this is a PC issue.

Whilst optimising the PC for New World I made some changes to the GPU and reduced the power to 80% to prevent the draw from the PSU pulling more than the 1000w supply could give causing crashing. I've bought a 1650w supply but have yet to install it as the game was running fine and I thought the streams were too but clearly not.

I'm using the nvenc decoder on OBS and while I thought I had enough power to run New World and Stream it appears not. I'll switch out the power supply tonight and test it to see if I can get the streams running back to full pelt.

Not the best way to try and grow if the streams are jerky AF. Fingers cross I can improve them and we can get them back to being half decent.

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