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First Legit Built - Musket / Flail (Odo)! The Muta Builds begin

I've finally discovered an unconventional build that I believe has the potential to succeed – I tried it out last night and it felt pretty good. I still need to conduct more testing before I release it, but I wanted to share the early stages of the build and possibly seek your input on the loadout.

I enjoy ranged combat, and while the Bow feels strong and is perhaps more popular at the moment, I've opted for the unconventional path and will be utilizing a Musket. I'm also straying from the conventional paired Artifacts such as the Finisher for the additional bleed damage or the Scorpion Sting for the pull, and I'm experimenting with the Odo Flail. We gain a substantial damage boost during the combo, and we'll be exceptionally tanky at the start, allowing us to practice combos effectively.

I'll create a complete build once I'm satisfied with it, but in the meantime, here's the brief loadout and setup:

150 Dexterity, 350 Intelligence, 100 Constitution. Initially, I was running a Dexterity build on this, but with the addition of a gem slot in the Odo, which I'll be implementing tonight, I'll be able to add lightning damage. I've chosen lightning damage to avoid resistances such as fire, which is a prevalent damage source at the moment.

Musket, leveraging the majority of the trapper toolkit, the plan is to bombard, snare, knock down with the trip from the flail, and follow up with a power shot to finish. We also gain a significant amount of healing from the traps and mending sticky bomb. At range, we can also inflict substantial damage, making it a combination of both ranged and melee combat.

Flail Skills I'm still leveling the Flail, so this is where I'm at. Employing the skill line as a utility tree grants us access to immense fortify, a knock-down that's part of our combo, and an engage or escape tool.

The Odo Artifact provides an additional 20% damage to stunned and knocked-down players. It's a small window to unleash the power shot, but when it works, it's quite effective. Additionally, we receive the Odo's defense for some additional healing on block.

I'm currently using heavy armor with this build to familiarize myself with the combo. The

Tumbler's Footwraps are working well for me at the moment, allowing me to dodge while also providing extra healing. This can be substituted with some shirking heals, and eventually, the plan is to switch to Featherweight and run a light build with a round shield, which will provide me with significantly more damage at the risk of being weaker.

Tonight, I need to socket the Odo, level up the skill tree, possibly farm the featherweight, and participate in a few OPRs. I just added mending sticky bomb and accelerated traps to my perks.

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