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Magicka Nightbalde Stage 4 Vampire Combat Support

Magicka Nightblade Stage 4 Vampire PvE Combat Support

Another combat medic. As with all my builds this focuses on simmering frenzy and using restoration skill line to group heal as well as using the Nightblade skills to damage but also heal.

It's a very easy build to play just make sure you turn of simmering Frenzy if you're about to be stunned so you don't become a one shot.

** this build will be less effective in group play as the Ring of the Pale Order will be ineffective in groups of 4 and groups of 2 and 3 the ring has less impact. I am working on a new set of builds so keep an eye on the pages or the youtube channel for more. You'll be fine in solo play with this build.

You can check the video guide here (update to follow)

Attributes 64 Magicka 0 Health 0 Stamina

Mundus Stone Choices:

The Apprentice Increases Spell Damage by 238

The Atronach Increases Magicka recovery by 310

Food Cyrodilic Field Treat from PvP Vendors


Gear Sets

Vampire Lords.jpg

Vampire Lord
Type: Overland
Location: Bangkorai

When it comes to keeping the uptime of simmering frenzy, having the Vampire Lord's is a go to. It will also reduce the cost of all your vampire abilities by a further 20% which is great. Your Health recovery is zero but this is no problem as you'll be getting loads of healing through the Ring of the Pale Order

We want this build to be a light armour set so you need to slot this in arms, legs, waist, shoulders and boots.​

Clever Alchemist.jpg

Name: Clever Alchemist
Type: Craftable
Location: Hew's Bane, No Shira Workshop
Traits needed to craft: 7
Requires DLC: Thieves Guild

This is an amazing back bar set. With back bar sets you want to be able to activate the 5 piece bonus and switch off the set  without losing the bonus, You'll just need a crafter to get it though and a 7 piece crafter  should be easily found.

pale order.jpg

Ring of the Pale Order
Type: Mythic
Location: Antiquties System
Requires DLC: Markarth

This ring has really enabled solo builds but it was also enabled some huge uptime for simmering frenzy. Every source of damage procs a heal. in the later stages of simmering frenzy it workds best on aoe damage as each damage tick will be hitting for a tonne of damage and will reach cap of 2750 heal return. You'll need it because in the later stages simmering will be costing 20k hp.

Engine Guardian.jpg

Name: Engine Guardian
Type: Monster Set
Location: Darkshade Caverns II, Maj
Style: Undaunted

With a back bar set we're able to slot a Monster and mythic as well as two 5 piece sets. I've chosen Engine Guardian for resources but feel free to experiment

Active Skills

Front Bar

Lotus Fan.png
Arterial Burst.png
Merciless Resolve.png
Sap Essence.png
Siphoning Attacks.png
Soul Harvest.png
Lotus Fan.png

Lotus Fan is a  great gap closure. Flash through the shadows and ambush an enemy, dealing 1393 Magic Damage. After teleporting you unleash a fan of knives, dealing an additional 2155 Magic Damage over 10 seconds to the target and nearby enemies. All enemies hit are afflicted with Minor Vulnerability for 10 seconds, increasing their damage taken by 5%.

Arterial Burst.png

Normally I would chose blood for blood but in this case I've gone artieral burst to proc crystal fragments. It's also heal on crit under 50% crit with the critical surge passive

Merciless Resolve.png

Merciless Resolve needs to be activated after 5 light attacks so make sure you use it it's great damage. Focus your senses for 40 seconds, increasing your Critical Damage and Healing by 2% with every Light or Heavy Attack, up to 5 times. While active, hitting an enemy with 5 Light or Heavy Attacks converts this ability into Assassin's Will, allowing you to fire a spectral arrow for half cost that deals 4752 Magic Damage, and heals for 50% of the damage dealt if you are within melee range.

Sap Essence.png

I love this ability on Nightblade. Finally your vampire has AOE damage and heal, Siphon the vigor from your enemies' blood, dealing 1742 Magic Damage to all nearby enemies and healing you and your allies for 599 plus 20% more for each enemy hit. If an enemy is hit, you gain Major Brutality and Sorcery, increasing your Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 20% for 20 seconds.

Siphoning Attacks.png

Imbue your weapons with soul-stealing power, causing your Light and Heavy Attacks to heal you for 1452 Health and restore 106 Magicka for 20 seconds. Fully charged Heavy Attacks restore twice the value. You restore up to 4270 additional Magicka when the effect ends, based on the length of time Siphoning Attacks was active.

Soul Harvest.png

Ravage an enemy with a spinning attack, dealing 4892 Magic Damage and increasing your damage against them by 20% for 6 seconds. Also afflicts the enemy with Major Defile, reducing their healing received and Health Recovery by 16%. While slotted, any time you kill an enemy you gain 10 Ultimate.

Back Bar

Combat Prayer.png
Exhilarating Drain.png
Radiating Regeneration.png
Simmering Frenzy.png
Dark Shade.png
Swarming scion.png
Combat Prayer.png

Combat Prayer good for buffing your teams damage,

Slam your staff down to activate its blessings, healing you and your allies in front of you for 1916 Health. Also grants Minor Berserk and Minor Resolve increasing you and your allies' damage done by 5% and Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance by 2974 for 8 seconds.

Exhilarating Drain.png

Exhilarating drain is a massive ability when you have a huge health pool as it restores 23% of your missing health. It's also a massive ult builder so you can get your ultimate up faster. Don't worry about spamming ult your turn around is pretty quick with this.

If you're not using this ability I would reconmmend switching it for Necrotic Orb for extra aoe damage and Undaunted synergy

Radiating Regeneration.png

Radiating Regeneration is your only heal you need to always keep active. With Simmering your'll be dropping dot healing bigger than any single target heal.

Simmering Frenzy.png

Simmering Frenzy. The focus of the build. Just make sure you turn it off when stunned or before you come out of scion. As you'll be very weak At full charge it's costing 20k health plus.

Dark Shade.png

Summon a shade version of yourself to attack an enemy and fight at your side for 18 seconds. The shade slashes at an enemy, dealing 1092 Magic Damage and occasionally whirlwinds all enemies around it, dealing 1092 Magic Damage once every 2 seconds. The shade's attacks inflict Minor Maim, reducing the enemy's damage done by 5% for 4 seconds. This ability scales with your highest offensive stats.

Swarming scion.png

Swarming Scion is your aoe damage and sustain while you in the later stages of simmering frenzy. Be a boss and activate it all the time.

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