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Templar PvP - The Hated Jav

This buils is all about stacking crit damage in to the Javelin Templar Ability. Javelin completely ignores resistance allowing you to spec fully into spell damage and crit damage. Also launching the Jav will knock back your enemy making you extremely frustrating to play into. To help with the play style I've gone for stage 4 vampire to drop in to stealth after we start sprinting. This gives us amazing flexiblity and mobility when relocating so we can confuse the enemy. 

I really enjoying playing this in Cyro and it's brought a lot of fun into the game for me. The paystyle requires you to line up your combo.

The combo is Meteor, Jav, Execute. Time your Jav after your meteor so that your enemy is knocked down giving the emeny all the damage in one hit. Follow up with execute to finish off!


I've gone for a interesting loadout

5 set - Order's wrath

MS - Molag Kena

PVP 3 set - Wrath of Imperium

1 Trainee


You can check the video guide here

Attributes 0 Magicka 64 Health 0 Stamina

Mundus Stone Choices:

The Serpent for Stamina recovery


Cheap food : Tripe Trille Pocket - 4935 Max Health, 451 Stamina Recovery 

Expensive: Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch Max Health, Health, Mag & Stam Recovery 

Build Overview

Necro Bash.jpg


Gear Sets

Order's Wrath.jpg

Name: Order's Wrath
Type: Craftable
Location: High Isle and Amenos
Traits needed to craft: 3
Requires DLC: High Isle

An easy craftable crit set quite possibly meta at the moment. Get your self a set and lay down some crit damage!!

Wrath of Imperium.jpg

Name: Wrath of the Imperium
Type: PvP
Location: Cyrodiil

Pick up this set from the auction house or in Cyro. If it's too expensive you can pick up the Willpower set instead.

Oakensoul ring.jpg

Name: Oakensoul Ring
Type: Mythic
Location: High Isle and Amenos
Requires DLC: High Isle

Obtainable items:

  • Jewels

Active Skills

Front Bar

Radiant Glory.png

Radian Glory

Your Execution - the most powerful in the game

Burn an enemy with a ray of holy fire, dealing 3219 Magic Damage over 1.8 seconds. Deals up to 480% more damage to enemies below 50% Health. You heal for 20% of the damage inflicted.

Living Dark.png

Living Dark

A good bubble destraction to avoid being hit plus a good heal

Envelop yourself in a lightless sphere for 10 seconds to protect yourself. Anytime you take direct damage, the sphere lashes back at the attacker, reducing their movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds and healing you for 2066 Health. These effects can occur once every half second.

Aurora Javelin.png

Aurora Javelin

This is your spammable and knockback. you should be able to hit big numbers with this
Hurl your spear at an enemy with godlike strength, dealing 1438 Magic Damage and knocking them back 8 meters. This ability ignores the enemy's Resistances and cannot be blocked. The spear deals an additional 2% damage for every 1 meter you are away from the target, up to a maximum of 40%.

Hasty Prayer.png

Hasty Prayer

A big heal and extra speed a solid heal!

Focus your spiritual devotion, healing you and nearby allies for 2614 Health. Affected targets gain Minor Expedition, increasing their movement speed by 15% for 10 seconds.

Channeled Focus.png

Channeled Focus

Get back that much needed Mag recovery!!

Create a rune of celestial protection and gain Major Resolve for 25 seconds, increasing your Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance by 5948. You also recover 242 Magicka every 1 second over the duration. Standing within the rune heals you for 743 Health every 1 second, which scales off your Max Health.

Shooting Star.png

Shooting Star

Combo this with Jav for solid damage!

Call a comet down from the constellations to blast an enemy, dealing 4067 Flame Damage to all enemies in the area, knocking them down, and stunning them for 2 seconds. After impact, enemies in the target area take 1161 Flame Damage every 1 second for 11 seconds. You generate 12 Ultimate for each enemy hit by the initial blast.

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