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Dragon Knight 

Bash Dragon Knight

Release date (Nov, 2021)

No Written Guide 

Probably ones of the strongest Bash builds to date. 40k Hp huge bash damage and Corrosive armour with bash attacks melts Heavy armour builds.

Bash DK.jpg
necromancer-icon-eso 2.webp

Necromancer Resist The Bash!

Release date (Nov, 2021)

Click for written guide

This is a more rounded build with DOT pressure followed by massive Bash damage with great survivabilty. 38K Resist allows you to reduced that damage but also increases your Bash damage.

Soul Collector BashCro

Release date (July, 2022)

by FragManSaul

Written Build Here

The Oakensoul Bash build is here and it's an utter beast! Take your 1vx skills to the next level and BASH BASH BASH!

Necro Bash

Release date (July, 2021)

by FragManSaul

This is the current state of my necromancer Bash build. It's still being worked on but I'm enjoying the playstyle so far. It's fairly hybrid too so there's resources for Magicka and Stamina and room for lots of different playstyles.

The Immortal Warrior - Vampire

VampireRelease date (Dec, 2020)

by FragManSaul

This Magicka Necromancer Vampire build is designed for Battlegrounds with no Champion Points in mind. It's got a high survival and great for objective based games.

BashCro 2.0 PvE Huge AOE clear builds

Release date (Nov, 2021)

Back again with the bash cro this time round it's all about the aoe damage. This build is in beta as it need tweaking. Stay tuned for detailed written guides.


The Wretched BashBlade Brawler

Release date (March, 2022)

Click here for written guide

An updated Bashblade build for the Acending tide patch. Solid recovery, max health and stonk bash damage makes this build a killer in PvP

Deadlands Bash Blade Brawler

Release date (Nov, 2021)

No written guide

The bash blade brawler build is amazing in PvP. Massive health recovery. Great escape and once again using HUGE Bash damage you're a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield

Speedy Eternal Warrior - Vampire

Release date (June, 2021)

No written Guide

This build is all about speed. Fast Ultimate, fast movement, fast kills? well probably not fast kills but we're able to get into ultimate fast which means uur stamina goes up by 10k and we're able to start laying down the damage.

Ever Scion - Vampire

Release date (May, 2021)

Click here for written guide

Welcome to the Ever Scion. This build to get the cost of Swarming Scion right the way down and also give us a very quick Ultimate charge. It's been designed to be played in both PVP and PVE.


Blood Frenzy - Vampire

Release date (April, 2021)

By - FragManSaul

The Stamina Vampire has always been a tough one to play as Vampire is normally seen as a Magicka Skill line but we've turned things on it head and created a Stamina Vampire with Simmering Frenzy which has huge amount of Weapon damage matched with massive Crit equals huge amount of damage.


Frenzy Doctor - Vampire

Release date (March, 2021)

By - FragManSaul

Hey guys in this video I show you a stage 4 Vampire Magicka Sorcerer Build that you can use in group play in Elder Scrolls Online. It’s a really solid support build that will give your group a ton of healing but also allow your to hit crazy damage numbers. I’ve hit up to 10000 spell damage with this build



ESO Godly BashPlar

Release date (Jan, 2022)

By - FragManSaul

For written guide click here

Bash Builds have never been so good with the Bashplar! so much synergy it's insane. You'll feel invincible !


The Hated Jav PVP Vampire Build

Release date (Oct, 2022)

By - FragManSaul

For written guide click HERE

Easy Cyro build with a foucs no hit and run tatics. Very enjoyable fun playstyle


High Isle One Bar Bash Warden PVP Build

Release date (June 2022)

Written Guide Here

An easy to play warden PvP bash build. Great for beginners as you have max health while giving you lots of damage and having the ability to heal your team.  You have tons of resources in this build too giving you the sustain in long fights. The build uses 2 craftable sets so it's easy to optimise.

Frost Giant Bash Build

Release date (Jan, 2022)

Written Guide Here

Elder Scroll Online: Become a Frost Giant stomping through PVP. Freezing and Bashing your foes to shards with massive bash damage while dropping 10K heals on your team on a 40K+ HP Build

Maggy Wolf Solo - Werewolf

Click for written guide

Release date (April 7, 2021)

By - FragManSaul

This build started out as a silly Meme build. I was challenged to make a magicka werewolf which if you play ESO you know is completely ridiculous as werewolves are stamina builds but it turns out that the build is actually really viable in both PVE and PVP content.

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