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Build Overview

Elder Scrolls  Online Screenshot 2022.03.16 -


The loadout above is not BIS but what I had on video.


Armor Enchants: Health for big heals and damage.

Armor Traits: Reinforced, Divines and possibly Infused on big pieces for more health.

MS - Find a 1 piece for penetration like Kra'gh's 


Infused and Bash Enchants, there is nothing else


Front Bar SNB

Enchant Stamina on hit

Trait Sharpened

Off hand

Enchant Health

Trait Reinforced

FYI. With the masters SNB you'll get a bigger heal and more resistance which is more damage. 

Back Bar Ice Staff

Enchant Crushing This pairs well with wall of elements and will continue to reduce physical resistances by 2027 while they are in the wall. 

Trait Infused for more Crushing proc and reduction

Gear Sets

Deadlands Demolisher.jpg
Wretched Vitality.jpg
Gaze of SIthis.jpg
Malacath Bands.jpg

Deadlands Demolisher
Type: Craftable
Location: Deadlands
Traits needed to craft: 7
Requires DLC: Deadlands

The best bash damage set. Nothing really comes close to the extra bash damage. Well worth golding out a full set if you're in to your bash builds. I have full gold jewellery and I do not regret it. Again Heavy sets only

Name: Wretched Vitality
Type: Craftable
Location: Deadlands
Traits needed to craft: 3
Requires DLC: Deadlands

An absolute amazing back bar set. In this build it procs with Ice fortress giving both the buffs. Tied in with a couple of heavy attacks and you'll not have any recovery issues. The 2 and 3 item bonuses are sub par for a bash build but you'll be in the fight for longer. An easy 3 trait crafting set too. A very solid set!

Name: Gaze of Sithis
Type: Mythic
Location: Antiquities
Requires DLC: Blackwood


This is an optional piece but I run it on all my bash builds for BG the set bonuses are huge but you'll need to run mist instead of block.

OPTION - For those that love block too much pick a monster set to suit. There are a few options that can add damage and scale with health or choose around the one peice bonus to help with resistances, health, penetration or resources. 

Name: Malacath's Band of Brutality
Type: Mythic
Requires DLC: Greymoor


The second option in stead of Gaze of Sithis. I would use this in a group option if you want to boost your base damage but it'll lower your survival. It also takes the pressure off build a crit based build.  

Puncturing Remedy.jpg

Name: Perfected Puncturing Remedy
Type: Arena
Location: Dragonstar Arena [vet]


An absolute must for top tier bash builds. This 2 piece is an absolute game changer. For tanks but a huge heal and increase in resistance is a must for bash builds. Dragon Star Arena is boring as hell but it's worth the grind! Do it you will not regret it.

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